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I was so excited when one of my past client called me to do a special grandchildren Holi themed photo shoot for their grandma’s 70th birthday.

With 9 & half grandchildren (half being the bump), it was quite a mission to arrange a date which they could all do but my super efficient client made it happen. Having briefed the parents beforehand and setting a few ground rules, the 8 boys and 1 girl (age ranging from 1 to 14) were an absolute dream.

After getting the pre-shots out of the way, we handed out the colour and then the fun really started!

The holi theme gave a beautiful display of coloured cloud, the big boys loved making artistic hand prints on each other and the little ones had great fun being part of the action.

I just LOVE their expressions!! For me childhood is all about outdoor family fun!

I honestly can’t think of anything more special. Beautiful photos of all the grandchildren having fun together!

Here is a special video of the highlights, it features short clips from the session which they presented to grandma on her special day.

Mona, I have been watching the wonderful video of the grandchildren, it is so very very special. I love it, you captured them so beautifully, it brings a warm glow to my heart. Thank you once again!
Grandma Lana

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