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Photographing another family photographer was a terrific experience!

Through a mutual friend I met another family photographer Felcity Lass (who, as it turns out lives on my road), thankfully we hit it off! We shared similar experiences, gave each other advice, went to trade shows but most importantly both admire each other’s work. So much that we even recommend clients to one another.

A few months ago she asked me to photograph her family, which I was absolutely thrilled about! We photographers, tend to take lots of photos of our children capturing special moments but we are always behind the camera and never in the pictures.

Both of us have such busy schedules but we finally agreed on a date, time and place to meet – near Whetstone, Friary Park, London.

On the morning of the shoot, the weather was extremely cold and foggy and at one point we debated about rescheduling. However, I decided to go ahead and tackle the challenging weather and I’m so glad they were willing to give it a go as well.

The thought of photographing another family photographer was nerve wrecking but I’m happy to say it was awesome.

Her boys (and hubby) were playful, lovable and simply gorgeous to photograph. She was absolutely wonderful taking on my direction, and being totally natural with her boys, she even let them rub their muddy hands all over her jeans. Felicity really appreciated being in the pictures with her boys.

Here are some of the beautiful images from her family session and I’m so proud of how natural and warm they turned out, despite it being a cold and foggy day.

Felicity thanked me for a lovely session and said her boys had lots of fun even in the cold!

She absolutely loved her gallery and here are some of her favourite images beautifully displayed in her house.

If you want me to capture your family photos looking natural and warm then I would love to hear from you.

Get in touch by either dropping me a line or send me a message.

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