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I am a modern children and family portrait photographer based in North London, Whetstone and Totteridge. I love to shoot using natural light and have a real laugh with the families so I can capture genuine expressions.

Being an ex-primary school teacher I love to plan and tailor make every photo shoot. Each family session is unique, fun and relaxed for every member (yes mums, even the dads!) I book only one session per day so I can give undivided attention to each family.


Being a mum of two lively children, I totally understand how every child is different and I promise to get the best out of them.

Have a read on my what to expect page for more information on how I work. I want to reassure you as a teacher and a mum myself I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve that by the time I say we’re finished
your kids won’t even know they are having their pictures taken!


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Some random facts about me ....

  • I was born in the Middle East and lived there till I was nearly 14 years old!
  • My dad taught me to swim in the sea (I once drifted off and had to be rescued by my sister!)
  • I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan. My sisters and cousins made a tribute band (we were highly in demand for private family functions but sadly broke up when we had to study for exams).
  • I love watching films and can quote my favourite films word to word (I feel the need, the need for speed, nobody puts baby in the corner, you had me at hello.. to quote a few!) Another film fact, I often google the ending so I can fully understand and appreciate the plot line (I’ve been told that’s very annoying).
  • I love to take my camera with me everywhere but it drives my family nuts as I always have to stop and take a photo!
  • I am a night owl and when I get in the zone I love editing images till I start hearing the birds sing!
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