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Photography for beginners

The Art Of Photography


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adult dslr course

Are you thinking of developing your photography skills then why not enrol to my adult beginner’s photography course starting in June!

By understanding lighting, composition, perspective and setting up your camera correctly you will learn how to take gorgeous photos! 


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What you will learn


Women and camera

Manual Mode

Begin how to get out of auto mode and use manual setting. Learn about the exposure triangle: ISO, shutter speed and aperture setttings

learning to use slr camera


Understand and use different elements of composition to create more artistic and interesting images

learn how to use your camera


Learn how to light and position your subject using natural light to get sharper images

glass with colour water

What to Expect

  • Class size maximum 4 people to observe social distancing
  • 4 Weekly classes take place at my home based in Whetstone N20 with last session outdoors (weather permitting)
  • Classroom based set up with lots of practical activities
  • Weekly home assignments to practise what you learn
  • Behind the scenes photos sent after course is finished
  • Bottomless cups of tea/coffee and biscuits provided!

Course details

Starting from Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Last session on 6th of July and based outdoors

10:00-12:00 noon

Cost £250

teaching photography

Limited offer


Sign up before the 23rd of April and get £50 off the course (Saving of 20%)

What past students have said


“Thank you so much Mona, its been definitely the best, most enjoyable course. You were so patient and clearly love your job which came across in your passion for teaching. I can’t wait to start putting theory to practice from now on!”


You have been the most amazing teacher, with a natural flair of understanding your students. I have had so much fun in this course… had no idea how much went into all your amazing work in capturing such stunning moments. I can’t wait to grow with the skills you have taught me in photography and cherish the weekly memories you have put together.


Mona has a beautiful, gentle, motivating and supporting teaching technique that makes her the perfect person to impart knowledge and receive questions. She puts huge level of thought into each lesson and introduces so many objects and fun additions to each lesson to give you the most varied and interesting photography experience. I can’t recommend her enough! 



Mona’s DSLR beginners photography course over 5 weeks was perfect as it focuses around main topic each week in a very absorbable, really fun and practical way. What made her course different is her very personal and enthused approach as well as making each session engaging and motivating! I have now signed up my teenage daughter to do a one to one with Mona. I am finally looking forward to using my DSLR on a regular basis with much renewed enthusiasm. 


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photography for beginners
teaching slr camera
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