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I love to discover new places to photograph in London

Living in London, you have to embrace the dry weather when it rarely makes an appearance. Having said that, we’ve had some wonderful (albeit cold) sunny days.

So on Sunday I decided to drag my family out to Hampstead Heath and discovered a gorgeous place to take some portraits.


Hampstead pegoda

I love my kids, they are so used to me taking photos of them. Whenever we go out for a walk they ask me “are we having our photoshoot?” girl inside pegoda hampstead CW4A4105

A very rare thing happened, we had another adult with us so for a change I decided to actually be in front of the camera! family outdoor hampstead photo shoot

But old habits die hard and it wasn’t long before I was snapping again!

So I want you all to go out and discover new places to explore with your family. Feel free to share them on the comment section below! family outdoor pegoda hampstead boy outdoor lifestyle hampstead girl and man outdoor photo shoot hampstead

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