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Last autumn I ran a couple photography workshops for children aged 8-12 years. The children were introduced to basic camera mechanics, using different modes, colour, light, composition and most importantly how to take fantastic autumn photos.

Here are some of my behind the scene photos.

Here are some of the brilliant photos the children captured and what they said about the workshops!

I learnt all about the different modes in a camera and enjoyed creating the collages as it requires us to use several different skills such as organising and capturing correct light rays. It was an amazing, well prepared workshop with lots of engaging activities.

Zara - 11 years old

I learnt that you can use different lights to capture photos. It was a fun workshop that taught me loads and I especially liked going to the park and taking lots of photos!

Charlotte - 11 years old

I learnt how to make picture collages using different colours. I really enjoyed going to the park because there were loads of leaves that made the scenery more autumnal. It was a fun day and I loved all of the activities.

Nikhita - 11 years old

I learnt that there are many different modes that you can use to capture the perfect picture. I enjoyed making the picture collage as it challenged my creativity. It was a very enjoyable day and I learnt lots of new things that I will use to take photos.

Danesh - 12 years old

I’ve learnt how you can photograph ordinary things and make them really interesting. I enjoyed taking pictures of the autumn trees and leaves. It is amazing that you can do so much fun and knowledgeable stuff in just few hours. I love it!

Lucie - 11 years old

I learnt how to use all the modes in my camera. I enjoyed taking autumn photos in the park, even though it rained! I had loads of fun learning lots of new skills.

Isabella - 11 years old

If your child is a budding photographer and would love to attend these photography workshops then be sure to message me so I can add you to my VIP list.

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