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Spring is a lovely time to run a photography workshops for children.

Photography is everywhere. Documenting the special moments that come and go in your everyday life has never been more convenient and social media makes it easier than ever to share and consume photography.

But that doesn’t mean that taking great photos is simple. Truly, photography is an art form. Getting that perfect shot, capturing the light just right, and figuring out how to properly use a camera to its full potential all require certain skills. The good news is, no matter who you are, those skills can be taught. 

This is my second year of running photography workshops for children in north London, Whetstone.

The children had a busy day full of learning how to use the different modes in their cameras, taking shots of the same subject with different view points and telling a story through sequence of photos. Photography workshop for children

photography workshop for childrenchildren photography workshop

Part of the day is spent in the park, applying theory to practice. Over here we were trying out sports mode to capture flying in the air! 

photography workshop for children

Photography workshop for childrenphotography workshop for children

Here are some of the images the children captured on the day and what they said about the workshop. I couldn’t have been more prouder of what they produced! 

Aditi (11 years) said – “Awesome, absolutely brilliant day, I loved it and the teacher is amazing! I never knew cropping photos could make such a difference.”

Her mum said – “Love the way Aditi has taken so much interest in photography ever since she took your first workshop. She really looks forward to the sessions, thank you!”

spring photography workshop 

Charlotte (11 years) said – “I really enjoyed the spring workshop and would definitely recommend it to others. I learnt that you can tell stories through a sequence of photos and how contrasting colours can change the mood of your photo. All the activities were really fun and engaging and we all took great photography and had a great time!

Eisa (7 years) said – “It was an awesome day and loved taking photos of the cake and eating it. The park was a lot of fun.”


Ellie (7 years) said – “I enjoyed learning about macro/close up mode and cropping pictures to tell a story. I would recommend this workshop to other children”.

Hayder (9 years) said – “I had a great time at the workshop because you get to learn something new every time. I enjoyed the Mad hatters tea party the most as we got to photograph and eat it after.”


Mahdiyya (7 years) said – “I learnt about framing my images and using macro mode. Going to the park and doing the flying umbrella was really fun. I would really like to do it again!”

Her mum said – “Wow, wow, woo! Maddy is bouncing off the walls! What a gorgeous set up and love the pictures!! Thanks so much. She’s already asked to book her in the next one.”

Mahi ( 7 years) said – “I really enjoyed taking photos of nature. It was an exciting, brilliant and fun day.”


Olivia (12 years) said – “I really enjoyed the workshop because I learnt how to take really good and clear photos of flowers and plants. Doing the activities in the park was also fun!”

Ruby (7 years) said – “I enjoyed going to the park and taking tons of photos. I would describe this workshop as awesome, amazing, cool and great!”

Ruby’s mum said – “What fabulous pictures, thank  you so much. Ruby thoroughly enjoyed the camp and can’t wait to go back in the summer. You put so much detail and effort in to the day. So wonderful!”


Sofia (12 years) said – “I enjoyed the whole day, especially acting out the Alice and Wonderland story (as I got to be the evil queen). It was a fun day taking photos and would definitely recommend to others!”

Zak (10 years) said – “It was an awesome day and I had a great time. I really enjoyed all the close up photos and framing my pictures to tell a story.”


Photography is a great way for children to express their creativity. After each activity I always encourage children to look through their photos and choose the ones they love. You will be surprised at the results as children see the world so differently to adults and they are constantly surprising me!

Here is one of me jumping which my assistant captured Photography workshops for childrenPS – You don’t always have to jump with your tongue sticking out! 

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