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Abstract photography is a wonderful way teaching photography to children.

For each photography workshop I like to have a theme to focus on and was very excited to run one on Abstract photography.

Abstract Photography is such a great way to introduce photography to children as its all about your vision. You capture something in a way that is not usually seen and you can be quite creative with it.

The children in this workshop were of age 9-13 and for some it was the first time they were using the camera.

What I love about teaching children is that no matter how old they are, they love being creative and enjoy seeing their images printed. abstract photography for childrenabstract photography for children

abstract photography for childrenabstract photography for children

As with all my workshops, part of the day is spent in the park, applying theory to practice. We had a go at taking photos of trees in black and white. abstract photography for children

We used different ways of capturing movement in pictures.

Here are some of the images the children captured on the day and what they said about the workshop. I couldn’t have been more prouder of what they produced! 

Emily (13 years) said – “There are so many settings in a camera and I learnt how to use them. The workshop was fantastic and enriching!”

Her mum said – “Emily had a wonderful time and I was very impressed with the photographs you took. She would love to come back in the summer”

abstract photography


Emaad (9 years) said – “I enjoyed learning how to take abstract photography and learning all the different modes in my camera. I especially enjoyed using the night mode to take shots of the glowsticks”


abstract photographyt collage


Hayder (9 years) said – “I loved learning about abstract photography and how my idea was different to others. I really enjoyed the night activity we did using the glow sticks, can’t wait to try some more.”


abstract photography collage

Louis (11 years) said – “I enjoyed learning how to use the different modes in the camera. I enjoyed the glowsticks activity the most. Was a really useful workshop and would recommend it!”

His mum said – “He had such a brilliant time, really love it and very proud showing me his photos. Thank you, I’m in awe!”

abstract photography collage

Nikhita (12 years) said – “I was so excited to use my new DSLR camera at this course and just loved experimenting. I’m very proud of the photos I took and can’t wait to explore my camera even more.”


Abstract photography

Olivia (11 years) said – “I learnt how to use the black and white feature in my camera. I really enjoyed the food photography and spice decoration. The workshop is great fun as we learn so many things.”


Sara (11 years) said – “I didn’t know how to use the macro mode at first but now I love it. I enjoyed the food/fruit activities and especially the spices one. The workshop was super fun and interactive. There were so many different activities which was enjoyable and you got to meet new people”

abstract photography collages

Sofia (12 years) said – “I really enjoyed the workshop because I learnt how to take black and white images as well as interesting selfies. I will try out the spinning selfies more!”

Abstract photography collage

Zak (11 years) said – “I learned what lots of modes are on the camera and what they do. I enjoyed the glow stick photos in night mode. I would describe the workshop as exciting, enjoyable and very helpful!”

His mum said – “He loved it and his photos are fantastic! he can’t wait for his one-to-one session with you!”

  abstract photography collage 

Photography is a great way for children to express their creativity. After each activity I always encourage children to look through their photos and choose the ones they love.

You will be surprised at the results as children see the world so differently to adults and they are constantly surprising me!abstract photography workshop children

I will be announcing my summer workshops soon so if you want to be one of the first to hear about them then contact me and I will add you to my special VIP list.

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