Professional Headshots in Mill Hill and North London

Jun 22, 2016 | Blog

One of my goals this year was to shoot professional headshots in Mill Hill and North London

I organised a couple of mornings to take headshots of these gorgeous women and chose a local field (where I love doing family photos shoots).
We were incredibly lucky with the weather both of the mornings. I absolutely loved spending one to one session with each of the women and chose a number of different spots to have different backgrounds.


I love how each different shade of green adds so much depth to the background (trees are my favourite so hence why they are featured in most of the headshots).
As you know from my about me page I was a primary school teacher before I had children. The teaching children part I LOVED, it was all the behind the scenes work I didn’t enjoy (planning, marking, report writing, observations, the list goes on and on). I decided that I wasn’t going to miss out on my children growing up and so I started snapping photos of them like crazy. It was the most natural transition to become a family photographer.

Professional women

These women are all professionals who have either stuck to their roots or change their paths altogether but above all they are HARD working and dedicated mums.


I am an Italian doctor who moved to London 15 years ago to pursue career in medicine. I am happily married and mother to three gorgeous children. I am a very busy GP in London, devoted to my job and passionate about sports and outdoor activities. I enjoy being healthy and active with my family.

If you are seeking private medical care or advice then please contact me here


I have been a stylist with the amazing jewelry brand, Stella & Dot for the past three years. I do home shows to show case the fantastic range of jewels and accessories. It is like having a “pop up boutique” in your  own house.

I adore my job because I can work around my two young girls and still be a full-time mum and work at the same time. Plus the company is so supportive and of course the jewelry is fabulous!

Ladies can also shop online at: or email me at or contact me via facebook.


I started the Food Basket in 2014 and its focus is on providing food which is big on taste and quality. My love for cooking was given a gentle nudge by a dear friend in the direction of taking it beyond cooking for family and friends.

The business has allowed me to work around two children. It made me explore methods and ingredients which I might not have used otherwise. But greatly the best bit is meeting new people and discovering their taste buds.

Please contact me on facebook for my product list and prices.


I studied and trained as a pianist at The Royal Academy of Music. I am a mother to three adorable young children who keep me very busy!

I love travelling and visiting beautiful places in the world. When I find the time I enjoy baking and trying out new cake recipes for my family and friends. I currently teach and (very occasionally) perform the piano.


I am a tutor for primary school children (aged 3-11). Having spent over twelve years working in a variety of different schools I now provide private lessons for children who need a little extra help, those who excel and also cater for seven and eleven plus examinations.

I work from home and also home visit many students. I love what I do and get much pleasure watching the children I teach achieve their goals and grow in confidence. If you wish to contact me then please do so on 07956337206


Qualified solicitor who specialised in corporate immigration at an international law firm. Currently doing part time legal work at a chartered surveyors practice together with running a busy household.


I grew up in Barnet and did a degree in Accountancy and Finance. I met my husband at a Chartered Accountants firm and had an incredible multi cultural wedding with a Hindu & Jewish blessing and a civil ceremony! We are blessed with three gorgeous children.

Following my mother in law’s dying wish I became a joint director at Jefferson Management Services with my sister in law in 2007. We provide residential lettings and management service to UK and overseas landlords for their properties in London. If you are looking  to sell or rent your property then please contact us.


Having studied an arts degree, I went on to work in a variety of marketing teams for the first few years of my career. I switched to work in the voluntary sector before having children and continued in this area as a volunteer when they were young (and now when I can fit it in).

I now run my own business from home which allows me to have more flexible hours.


If you are a small business looking to have warm, friendly headshots then these outdoor environmental headshots are perfect for you.
They start from £150 per person and include 5 high resolution images with full commercial license use.

Contact me and I look forward to meeting you and knowing all about your business!

 by Follow these top 10 tips to take better photos on your mobile phone.



I know this may sound obvious, but you will be amazed by the amount of dirt and smudges you find on your lens build up from your pockets, handbags and kids.  So, get into the habit of cleaning your phone with a tissue or soft part of your clothes (do not wipe on your jeans or fingers!!).


The best way of achieving straighter images (especially for landscape) is by enabling the grid feature on your phone. This should be in your camera settings and nine equal boxes will appear when you switch your camera on. Use the 3×3 grid to align your images and hey presto no more leaning tower of Pisa!


Understanding light is one of the most important factors in any photos. It can transform the mood and atmosphere of the photo. Try to use natural light on your subject and avoid using built-in flash as they are usually unflattering or can be too harsh.


By zooming in too much the quality of your image decreases, and it appears more pixelated. To get better and sharper images try to get closer to your subject or use minimal zoom.


Ever wondered how professional portraits stand out? (Well, the “not so very hidden” secret is that we create a shallow depth of field by setting our aperture wide). You can achieve this look by using the portrait mode on your phone. The camera phone blurs the background and puts the focus on the subject. Best used for individual, couple’s portraits and even makes food look good but practice by varying the distance.


Light is key when taking good photos so understanding where your light is and how to position yourself/subject is important. Put your camera phone on selfie and do a full spin to see where the light is hitting you most flattering. You may also want to try backlight so when the light source is behind you, it creates a halo effect.


Phone cameras are normally set to automatic focus but sometimes the subject is not so obvious, or you may want to change the focus point. To adjust where you want your phone camera to focus, simply tap on the subject and a square icon will appear. This will shift your focus and sharpen your subject.


Rather than taking the same type of shot over and over again, try changing the perspective (go higher up or lower down). Another tip when photographing building or landmarks is to use the panoramic mode vertically (going up or down). This lets you take a series of photos and stitch them together into one wide or tall image.


Nobody likes blurry images, well unless you are creating a purpose blur! To minimise camera shake use both hands or lean on a surface, wall or even a friend’s shoulder to create stability. For low light conditions, time lapse and long exposure, purchasing a small tripod can be more helpful.


Taking a good photo on your mobile phone is just the first step and with a few tweaks you can turn your good photos into great photos! Most mobile phones now come with editing features such as exposure, contrast, white balance, crop, sharpness, and magic wand. If you want to further edit your images, there are editing apps such as Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express and Instagram offer further features as well as one tap filters. Try converting your image to black and white to create a certain mood!

I hope by following these top tips you will see a difference and start taking better photos on your mobile phone. Practising and experimenting is the best way to learn, so have a play on your phone and see what works for you but most importantly have fun!!

If you want to further develop and compose photos creatively then why not sign up to my adult mobile phone workshop. I will be running them at my home studio in North London, N20 from January 2024. Contact me for further details.


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